Why do we have a beard card in BYUI?

Why do I need to have a beard card to have a beard? Other universities do not really care about such a thing.

Asked on October 2, 2019 in BYUI.
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If you have a look at the website here under Men, it says that beards are not appropriate. I guess it has to do with the honor code the Church Educational System has set, at least in BYU-Idaho. There seem to be a few exemptions to this rule, and those being:

1- If you have a medical conditon

2- Religious views which require the wearing of a beard.

Before you get the card though, you will need to attend a seminar, offered at the beginning of each semester. Good luck!

p.s: call this number to know more about it, (208) 496-9300 (the student honor office)

Answered on October 2, 2019.
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